Hot stone and holistic massage in Bristol

Holistic Therapies

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage - full body or back, neck and shoulder

  • Full body massage
    For a relaxing or invigorating massage to ease aches and pains, alleviate stress and improve circulation.

    Approx 1 hour.
    Price: £35.00

  • Back, neck and shoulder massage
    To relax or invigorate an ideal treatment to fit into a busy day.

    Approx 20 min.
    Price: £20.00

Leg massage for helping circulation and sports recovery

  • Leg massage
    Great for the runner or cyclist - improve your overall performance each time you practice your sport.  Increasing circulation, aiding the elimination of toxins from the muscles, delivering fresh nutrients and oxygen to tired muscles, speeding up the recovery process.

    Also great for clients with tired, swollen and aching legs.

    Approx 20 min.
    Price: £20.00

Indian Head Massage

Indian hed massage in Bristol and north Somerset

This treatment is a seated and non-invasive. (Clothing can be worn to the upper body should the client prefer) It incorporates the upper back, shoulders, neck, arms, head and face. Ideal for carrying out at your place of work.  It improves concentration, helps with fatigue, and increases well being. A great stress reliever! Can be adapted to provide a relaxing or invigorating treatment.

Oil can be used if required.

Approx 30 min.
Price: £20.00


Reflexology in Bristol and north Somerset

Gentle manipulation of feet. Helps restore harmony within your body. Helps alleviate symptoms caused by medical conditions.

Reflexology includes a foot soak plus lower leg and foot massage.

Approx 45 min.
Price: £25.00

Hot Stone Therapy Massage

Hot stone massage in Bristol

A deeply relaxing treatment that melts away daily stress. Warm basalt stones are placed on the body and also used as a massage medium. The heat penetrates to soothe tired aching muscles, promotes an overwhelming sense of calm.

Full body massage - approx 1hour: £45.00
Back neck and shoulder massage - approx 30 min: £30.00
Please note: Mobile service NOT available for this therapy.

Baby Massage Instruction

Massaging a baby

Carried out in your home, great for helping to bond with baby and improve their overall health and well being. Eases colic, improves circulation and condition of skin, soothes baby helping promote sleep, helps parents feel less fractious and able to cope with baby.

Great for new dads who can sometimes feel a bit left out!

3 x 1 hour sessions.
Price: £60.00 per course

Mobile service ONLY.

Note – please allow an additional 20 minutes on top of your chosen treatment at your first visit. This is to cover your personal consultation. The consultation is to establish your general health and lifestyle. Due to certain illnesses or type of lifestyle a client may lead, it may not always be possible to carry out a specific treatment. This will be discussed with you in full confidence with your Balanced & Beautiful therapist.

How to book

MOBILE SERVICE AVAILABLE – please call for details.

To book your treatment please call or use the enquiry form and we will get back to you in 24 hrs to acknowledge your booking.

Depending on where you live a fuel/travel time surcharge may apply. This is discussed at the time of booking.